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Return Policy


1. Running and walking by their nature can be demanding on the body, so be sure to consider how the changes in your workout regimen may have affected your body and thus be the cause of pain and irritations. It isn’t always the shoe that is the culprit of your aches and pains.

2. Your new shoes were fit to help provide an efficient gait. Some individuals require a more “corrective shoe” to accomplish this. The more corrective the shoe, the longer it will take your body to adapt.

3. Blister happen. Don’t panic. Make sure that you are wearing synthetic “breathable” socks as they significantly reduce your risk of causing irritation on the skin. More often than not you just need to break in the shoe.

4. We will always try and make sure that you have sufficient room inside a shoe to allow for the amount of swelling that your foot will go through as you walk or run. This may mean that you find yourself in a shoe that is larger than you are accustomed to. The final decision regarding size, is up to the customer at the time of purchase. Our associates can only make recommendations for the health of your feet.

5. We will always be willing to work with you finding another shoe as long as the shoe you purchase is in “deadstock condition”. We cannot accept shoes back that are soiled, unless they have obvious manufacturer’s defect. All shoe returns must be made within 30 days of purchase. All returns are for Store Credit Only and must be accompanied by the Athletic Shoe Shop receipt.