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It’s not about the Product but the PROCESS.

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It’s not about the Product but the PROCESS.

You in the market for a new pair of athletic shoes or perhaps a set of hikers? Before you visit one of the many large corporate sporting good chains, please give us a chance. Allow me to explain our story and mission. The Athletic Shoe Shop was established in the early 1970’s from humble beginnings. Since conception we have stressed the importance of the process and not the product. Even though we focus on stocking mostly specialty product and gear. We understand most products we sell are available online or through various areas of commerce. However, we believe each member of the organization has a wealth of knowledge. Our main focus is specifically helping you find the ideal shoes to correct medical issues or increase health. We will offer you all our full attention and provide recommendations without pressuring a sale. Our process is analyzing the situation, presenting all the options, and granting full assistance even after a purchase.


Keep in mind shoe models change frequently. The next generation of your current shoe will not usually be the same. Some brands will change the style with minor alterations or sometimes completely modify the silhouette of the shoe. We analyze each shoe to distinguish which models have and have not been altered. If this situation has occurred; We have the ability to differentiate between styles. Our staff can help you locate a model in accordance to your previous shoe or one to match your own description. Experience our selection of products and services that differentiate us from the competition.


Why Shop Local?

When you shop local you not only support the local community but a local family. The Athletic Shoe Shop has been owned and operate by the same family since 1974. With every $100 purchase at a local business, close to 70% of the money circulates locally. A $100 purchase online, 0% of the money stays in the local economy. Please help our local businesses survive and thrive.

Here at the Athletic Shoe Shop we greatly appreciate all the support throughout the years. All comments or suggestions are warmly welcomed. Please do not hesitate to contact us. Thanks for reading.