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Review: Brooks Women’s Pure Flow 5

New Product Review


Women’s Brooks Pure Flow 5

This model just released this quarter on January 1st. With much success of the Pureflow 4, lots of hype were centered around this model. Lets lay out the basic specifications and numbers:

Weight: 7.8oz

Drop: 4mm

Support Class: Neutral

Arch: Medium


Major Functions

  1. Rounded Heel – this feature is very similar to the previous model but this model offers more density in the heel portion of the out-sole. This feature was added to help joint alignment for reduced stress on the body. Major difference is this model will offer more stabilization than Pureflow 4. However, it does not provide the same cushion feel. Defiantly has a firmer and stiffer feel.


  1. Heel Counter – the Pureflow 5 has an increased support around the heel. It locks your foot in place for a secure fit. I would recommend this shoe for both running and training. Safe shoe to utilize for CrossFit & Orange Theory classes.


  1. Synethic Overlay – foxing area of shoe is snug and form fitting. Unfortunately, Brooks removed their elastic laces and replaced them with basic polyester laces.


  1. Neoprene Tongue – watch out since this model raised the tongue of the shoe. If you have problems with a high intrusive tongue, maybe this is not the shoe for you.


  1. Out-Sole Splits – cuts on the bottom sole allow this model to provide nice flexibility but still offerer a dense base and platform.


Overall Rating: 8/10


I love the construction of this shoe. Brooks did a great job updating and correcting issues with their previous model. However, the higher raised tongue and firmer cushion decreased my rating to an 8. I would highly recommend trying the Pureflow 5 on to understand its overall fit and feel. Always remember; every person is different and unique. This means if a shoe works for a friend/family member, does not mean it will work for you! Come try a pair on to form your own opinion!


Thanks for reading. Any questions or concerns please let us know.