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Replace Running Shoes

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Replace your Running Shoes?

Running shoes are important to stay active and enhance your performance levels. Shoes that are worn down will lack the structure and cushion to fully support your body. To decrease the potential threat of injury it is recommended to evaluate your running when aches and pains arise.

Some Numbers

Each person is unique do to their size and built so there unfortunately is not a general rule to determine when new shoes are needed. Commonly, runners will replace shoes within a window of 3 months to 8 months depending on activity levels. The mileage designed for a pair of shoes is from 300 miles to 450 miles. Think about writing the date of purchase inside the tongue of the shoe for future reference. If you are running at about 20 miles a week, the average rotation period is every 6 months.

Signs to Look for!

Always listen to your body; Pain in any joint or muscle usually means your shoes are broken down and need replacing. Here are some tips to evaluate your shoe’s condition. Look at them and notice any tears or visual indications of poor condition. Observe the heel counter, the toe box, and additionally the lateral or medial side of the shoe. You should be able to get a grasp of their condition. Any holes and excessive stretch points are areas of concern.

The Tests

One way to determine if the shock absorption is worn is by the “bend test”. Bend the outsole, specifically at the ball of the foot towards the heel in a downwards motion. If it feels flimsy and soft, it is most likely broken down. The outsole of the shoe should be rigid and structured.

Another test to classify their state is defined as the “poke test”. Very simply take your  thumb at the ball of the foot and push the bottom outsole in the direction of the upper. If the material feels soft or “marshmallow like” the shoes are worn. That portion of the shoe should feel firm and solid.


Those are several methods to understand the condition of your running shoes. Keep in mind all shoes, just not running shoes need at least 24 hours after use to reform and recover. Excessive wear without rest will hinder their longevity and durability. If your running schedule does not allow your shoes that recovery, consider an additional pair to alternate between to maximize their capabilities.


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