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Benefits of Sodium Phosphate!

What do Sodium Phosphates Supplements do??


Lets first define what sodium phosphates are. This substance combines both sodium salt and phosphate acid. Generally, endurance athletes or strong competitors consume sodium phosphates to maximize performance.

The benefits of sodium phosphates were first discovered in Europe during the early 20th century. Research shows that phosphates decreases lactic acid in both muscles and one’s bloodstream. A Reduction in lactic acid is known to diminish cramping and muscle fatigue. This allows runners the ability to stay acitve longer before feeling the effects lactic acid build-up. Sodium phosphates additionally work to enhance oxygen levels throughout the body. Specifically enhancing quantities of the chemical enzyme 2,3-diphoshoglycercate. This substance is responsible for regulating the distribution of oxygen from red blood cells to body tissue. Sodium phosphates are able to increase blood haemoglobin levels by 5%. Haemoglobin is responsible for carrying oxygen directly to the lung. Increased levels result in more stamina and endurance. Finally, ATP or adenosine triphosphates are produced by phosphates. ATP is a molecule that contains energy and is essential for almost every movement we make. All contributing factors may produce longer activity levels and improved performance results.

The recommended amount of sodium phosphate is 4-6 grams for at least 3 days before an athletic event. Smaller doses may be advised for athletics with a sensitive stomach. Always consult with a doctor if there are any concerns.