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Is Cotton Rotten ?

Is Cotton Rotten?

Numerous people ask questions concerning what is wrong with cotton based materials for active clothing and apparel. At first lets keep it simple and straight-forward. Cotton absorbs sweat, rain, and water. It does not possess fibers to evaporate moisture. This can become problematic during events when the temperate drops to colder climates, because water eliminates heat from the body. In colder settings when clothing becomes drenched with perspiration it leads to abnormal levels of low body temperature. That increases chances of hypothermia and illness. During warmer climates when cotton retains sweat, it is the perfect temperate for bacteria. This can severely increase chances of foot fungus or bacterial infections. The best fibers that perspire sweat are synthetic material such as polyester and natural fibers like wool. Wool is a fiber ideal for both cold and warm conditions. All wool materials including mohair regulate temperate keeping body temperature in control. This material breathes naturally and is known to be water-resistant. The best thing to do is try both synthetic materials and wool fibers to determine your best option. If your allergic to wool, stick to polyester and cool-max materials. Thanks for reading! Any topics you wish to read please contact us with your ideas.