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    ON Running Shoes – What’s the hype?

    ON RUNNING SHOES On is one of the fastest-growing running shoe brands in the United States. I got the chance...

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    Why DRYMAX socks!

    THE SOLUTION DRYMAX THE SCIENCE OF KEEPING SKIN DRY Dryness Only 2 Different Technology Layers Can Provide – The laws...

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    Brooks New Technology!

    What are GuideRails®? GuideRails® support system is built into the footwear midsole and revolutionize traditional stability technology found in...

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    Feeling Anxious? Research Shows Trail Running Benefits Your Brain

    By Brad Stulberg, Published Oct. 23, 2015, Updated Jan. 18, 2016 at 12:34 PM UTC A growing body of...

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    Review: Brooks Women’s Pure Flow 5

    New Product Review   Women’s Brooks Pure Flow 5 This model just released this quarter on January 1st. With...

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    Is Cotton Rotten ?

    Is Cotton Rotten? Numerous people ask questions concerning what is wrong with cotton based materials for active clothing and...

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    How to Clean Running Shoes

      Need to Clean Your Running Shoes? Here are some simple methods and tips to help out!   The Basics...

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    Benefits of Sodium Phosphate!

    What do Sodium Phosphates Supplements do??   Lets first define what sodium phosphates are. This substance combines both sodium...

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    Stride Rate – A Step In The Right Direction

    Stride rate: A Step in the right direction (Jack Daniel, PhD) One of the things that I teach new...